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Wanting to make a difference! Aminata Conteh-Biger

Posted by Paulina Bartucciotto on

twoface LABEL plays on the classic knit to create LUXE VINTAGE SPORTIF knitwear for women.....We are dressing the women that want to make a difference. Aminata Conteh - Biger Is the Author of Rising Heart. The founder and CEO of the Aminata Foundation which aims to build self-supporting peer to peer community partnerships with pregnant women and mothers in Sierre Leone.  Aminata from @aminatafoundation wore the Luxe Cable Dress in NEON last night and looked stunning. Please head to @aminatafoundation to see the amazing work and message she is spreading 💚💚#australianknitwear #supportsmallbusiness #supportwomen aminatafoundation Thanks, @twofacelabel for sharing, our CEO looked stunning @aminata_conteh_biger in this dress    Search

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